You are what you eat so don’t be fast, easy, fake or cheap!
Fresh Look Foods helps you win the grocery game.

Navigating the grocery aisles is daunting. Especially when you are trying to improve the food you buy. What to eat? Where to shop? What brands should you support, and which ones should you avoid? What do all these symbols and claims on food labels mean? As shoppers, we hear the marketing messaging and terminology; we're open to new ways to think about shopping for better foods but we just don't understand the significance and how the messages relate to our everyday health + wellness.

Fresh Look Foods is a community coming together to demystify the grocery aisles with a mission focused on helping you become a healthy and empowered shopper. We'll fill your basket with product reviews + recommendations, Virtual Demos, and regular updates, translating the food labels and claims, + food trends. You're faced with SO MUCH information with the intention of helping you improve your health and wellness. We know we need to select better-for-you foods with fewer ingredients, less processed, and fewer artificial flavors, colors, and sweeteners.. We know that fresh is best but want to spend as little time as possible in the kitchen preparing meals.  And what are all these special diets? - Gluten Free, Paleo, Vegan... If any of this rings true to you please come along for the ride through the grocery aisles with us!

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Hello! Welcome to my inaugural blog post for Fresh Look Foods! I’m ecstatic that you’re here and excited to connect with you about some great foods and the stories behind them. You’re ready to make some changes in the foods you eat, right?  You know you’ll feel better if you get rid of processed and… Continue Reading

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Our ideas of health and wellness evolve, so should our purchasing habits. Studies have shown that the labeling claim that is affecting purchasing the most is additive/preservative-free.

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Offering a Fresh Look at Foods with:

  • Natural & Organic Product Reviews
  • Weekly Blog Posts
  • Savvy Shopper Newsletter
  • Virtual Demos (Producer/Product Profile videos)
  • Social Media Communication

Our mission is to empower people to make healthy, informed decisions and demystify the grocery shopping experience whether on-line or in the market. Our hope is to build trust and transparency between shoppers, producers and retailers.

Join us……we’ll learn and share and have some fun along the way!

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